"‘I lost my way really. My girlfriend dumped me and I didn’t get out of my bed for about three months and that’s when my mate, Freddie, said pull your socks up and let’s start a band and that was this band really. It was just like anything in life, it was just refreshing to start something new.’"
- Lead singer Justin Young, on the beginning of the Vaccines (via sundaysprettyicon)

I consider myself a sightly doddly diddly young English lad who enjoys acting and never really thought he could carve out a career for it. I’m fun-loving with a nice ounce of English pessimism. (x)


Ancient Greeks favoured homosexuality not because they were oh so tolerant but because they were misogynists and believed you should only have sex with women for the sake of procreation and lesbians were banned can everyone please stop glorifying that now Please


New Order - “Age of Consent”

And I’m not the kind that likes to tell you
Just what you want me to
You’re not the kind that needs to tell me
About the birds and the bees

love this song so much, I named an old DJ night after it :3



Two weeks later, we spoke again.